Flex Technologies Limited is an experienced renewable energy retailer and wholesale distributor operating in several European markets. We operate in two areas:

The Portable Solar Applications business distributes portable solar generators, Alpicool® portable fridges and accessories in the UK and Ireland.

Our Biomass Heating Fuels business supplies wood pellets, wood briquettes and kiln-dried logs via own online stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland (trading as Bioglow®) and in Belgium, France and the Netherlands as Biobrix ™. We supply wholesale and trade customers throughout Europe.




Why Work With Us

Thanks to direct sourcing from factories, thorough quality checks and low cost delivery, we are very competitive on price and quality in wood pellets, wood briquettes and kiln-dried logs.

Stock maintained in warehouses in England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium for immediate dispatch and collection.

In-house logistics team ensures timely and cost effective delivery to any location in Europe.

All order sizes catered for: single pallets, truck loads, containers, full vessel loads.

No surcharges for single pallet delivery to many remote locations in the UK & Ireland.

Our Brands

Bioglow United Kingdom & Bioglow Ireland – leading, innovative online direct-to consumer brand of wood briquettes and kiln-dried logs.

Retail and trade customers in the UK – visit our Web store at www.bioglow.co.uk. Retail and trade customers in Ireland – visit our Web store at www.bioglow.ie. 

Energian: Portable Solar Generators, solar panels and Alpicool® Battery Powered Travel Fridges.

Expertise and Innovation

Since the 1990s, we have developed innovative ways of turning low value biomass into energy. For example, Flex Technologies has implemented several biomass gasification projects including the world’s first commercial gasification power and heat plant using waste sunflower husk as fuel (video link here).

We are evolving with the needs of our customers and are now focused on high volume, low cost supply of wood pellets, wood briquettes and kiln-dried logs. We are innovating in packaging and have recently introduced new eco-friendly packaging options for our products, including paper carry bags and bulk bags.