Drying Plants

Drying plants are capable of drying wood sawdust and other fine biomass materials from 45% to 10-13% moisture using one- or three-pass rotary dryers with specifications shown in the table below.

Biomass drying plant

Drying plant consists of the following equipment:

  • Fine biomass screw conveyor which feeds the material into dryer;
  • Hot air generator unit with cyclonic burner which burns efficiently a part of the same fine biomass blown from fuel bin into combustion chamber;
  • 1-pass or 3-pass rotary dryer. Dried material is sucked in by a pneumatic conveying system and transported to cyclone to separate the material from the conveying air;
  • The dried material is discharged from cyclone through a rotary air lock into one or two silo bins from which the material is fed into briquetting presses.
One- / Three-pass Rotary Dryer Specifications
Capacity (ton/h)
Evaporation, kg/h
Fuel consumption a), kg/h
Diameter (mm)
Length, mm
a ) For wood sawdust with LHV = 2,635 kCal/kg